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A user friendly, affordable ERP to automate all academic functions.

shikshaERP: A Logical Academic Solution

Growth is a big part of your institution game plan, but have you thought about how you should be managing and streamlining all critical academic areas? With shikshaERP you can automate all academic functions.

Our Expertise

shikshaERP software automates both academic and non-academic services on a unified platform. It handles multiple functions like admissions, fee payment, attendance, assignment, examination, library & hostel management, TC generation, etc. along with HR, accounts, and asset management in a user-friendly and paperless manner.

    Our expertise lies in:

  • Accuracy: shikshaERP eliminates repetitive processes thereby reducing any error of manually entering information. It removes duplication of data and provides data integrity.
  • Cost-effectiveness: You can reduce your operational and administrative costs with shikshaERP. With a unified, real-time source of information, you can easily save money while managing school activities effectively.
  • Commitment: Our support teams are always available to assist you in implementation, operations and to support and maintenance for the best outcome.
  • Customized Solution: shikshaERP is customized for you so you can add or remove functions based on your needs.
  • Real-time Service: shikshaERP provides a centralized database across all departments, teachers, and administrative offices keeping data and reports consistent, real, accurate, and unique.
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Looking for a better way to run your institution but wondering about the cost? shikshaERP is designed to fit any educational institution across all platforms. Get started now with shikshaERP for customized ERP solutions to meet specific requirements of your academic institution.To find which features are necessary for your institution and which add-ons work best for you get in touch with our support team.